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Is It Legal For a Payday Lender to Garnish my Wages?

Payday loans are often repaid in about two weeks. Even if you do your hardest to return the debt, there’s a chance it won’t be reimbursed. Due to unforeseen costs, you may have to pay more than you borrowed.

You have the choice of paying off your payday loan quickly or rolling it over. There may be additional charges. These costs may result in negative consequences, such as salary garnishment.

What is wage garnishment, and how does it work?

Wage garnishment, according to NOLO, is when an employer withholds a certain amount of money from a person’s salary by a court judgment. The funds may be paid to either the business or the individual specified in the court order. The wage garnishment will end after the full sum is paid.

Is it possible for a payday lender to seize your wages?

“Can my employer take my salary to pay the payday lender?” is a common question asked of payday loan borrowers who are unable to make their monthly installments. The lender will not be able to garnish your earnings. The lender may file a lawsuit against you to recoup the debt.

If you are not present, the court may issue a garnishment order or other order. Even if you aren’t there, the court may nevertheless favor the lender. Garnishing your earnings requires a court order. If a lender threatens your income to make it more difficult for you to pay, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) advises that you seek legal counsel.

What happens if you fail to repay?

If you fail on your payday loans, you may anticipate the following:

  • The agreement you signed when you took out the loan said that the lender would attempt to cash your post-dated check or make an automated withdrawal from your account. A fee for insufficient money will be charged. If the lender tries to charge you more than once, you may be charged additional costs.
  • The lender will contact you and anybody else you provided as a reference on your application to recover the debt.
  • Lenders will report your case to the relevant authorities if you do not get the payment within 60 calendar days. They will call you regularly and will be pushy.
  • The collection agency will report all debts to Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. This may harm your credit score and make it more difficult for you to get a mortgage or another auto loan shortly.
  • If the collection agency is unable or unwilling to reach you, they may file a lawsuit. A court may order a wage garnishment or a collection agency to be appointed.
  • Once the order is issued, the collection agency will inform the employer of the wage garnishment notice. Once the order is obtained, the collection agency will cease paying weekly wages and keep the money until the debt is paid off.

What may lenders deduct from your pay, and how much can they deduct?

Employees who have a wage garnishment order against them are protected by Title III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, which limits the amount of money that may be taken from each weekly paycheck. The court will require these figures to calculate the lower amount.

  1. a quarter of the employee’s discretionary income
  2. The federal minimum wage is 30 times more than a worker’s net income.

These are the most effective.

Example: (1) A total of $300 in disposable income is $72.50. (2) Earnings and disposable income are not the same things. This is the amount of your weekly pay: $72.50 = $300 + $217.50

Some state wage garnishment rules may be more stringent than federal ones. NOLO has developed a State Wage Garnishment Laws website that you may use to quickly verify the limitations in your particular state.

Employers are prohibited from dismissing workers who are subject to wage garnishment under Title III. This protection only applies to the first wage garnishment order. Employees who submit a second wage garnishment order to settle a debt have the right to be fired by their employers.

How to Stay Away From Wage Garnishment

If you can’t pay back your payday loan on time, there are other options.

  • Begin bargaining. Make contact with debt collectors and payday lenders. If you agree to a deadline, the business may be ready to negotiate a lower price with you. Your lender should be able to evaluate your creditworthiness.
  • Contact your local charity for help with utilities, rent, or food. The money may be used to pay back your payday loan.
  • Even if there are no earnings, you may still schedule an appointment with a credit counseling service. Free counseling may be available via your bank or credit union. Your bank or credit union may be able to provide you with free counseling.
  • You should attend all court sessions if your case is more complex. If your situation is more complicated, request a repayment plan from the court. You will be able to repay your wage garnishment as a result of this. If you have a strong strategy, a court may approve your request.


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Author: Julie Snearl

Editor and writer for over a decade , she has written and edited finance for both national technical and consumer readership, Julia Snearl is the editor for Personal Finance in KashPilot. Her experience in editing business books also includes working as the editor of charts of Ahead of the Curve. More than 3 years' experience in editing content for finance on KashPilot, Julie is interested in learning about how to use digital content to assist people make better financial choices.

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