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Online Loans With Monthly Payments |‌ KashPilot

What is an installment loan, exactly?

Installment loans allow a customer to borrow a set amount and pay it back in monthly installments through the internet. The number of monthly installments is usually predetermined.

Installment loans are typically smaller than payday loans and short-term installment loans.

Generally, they can be paid back in monthly installments for up to 12 months. However, these dates can vary by lender and can result in much higher installment loan rates.

These monthly payments are typically split between the principal balance and interest, making paying back the loan difficult for borrowers strapped for cash or who do not have a high enough credit score to qualify for low-interest rate loans.

Why choose KashPilots?

KashPilot has been serving our customers since 1936. Our loans come with equal installments, so you don’t have to worry about getting into revolving debt. KashPilot has more than 230 locations available to serve you in your area.

We pride ourselves on providing what is possible to our customers. To make credit easy, we listen to you. KashPilot will continue to provide customer service as it was when we first met. KashPilot specializes in all aspects of financial services.

Find out what you are eligible for today.

KashPilot offers some options for you to apply for personal installment loans. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service at our branches. There are over 230+ units in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

To locate the address or phone number, you can use our branch location and apply over the phone or in person. You can also apply online for an installment loan by Clicking here and completing your credit application online. If you are eligible, you might be able to sign your documents electronically and have funds deposited directly into your savings or checking account.

The benefits

Installment loans are prevalent because they offer many benefits to the borrower and can be used in many industries and settings.

What are the benefits of monthly installment loans for the user? How are they different from other loans?

Let’s take a look below.


First, installment loans are more predictable than other types of debt, like payday loans, which can fluctuate depending upon various personal circumstances.

An installment loan that you can pay in fixed monthly payments can give you more stability. This can help with budget control and avoid unpleasant surprises.

No Entrapment

Long-term installment loans have another advantage: they don’t trap borrowers. Based on fluctuating interest rates, other loans can appear like there is no escape from the debt.

KashPilot’s online installment loans are transparent and predictable. Each loan has a deadline.

The clear deadlines and payment structure ensure that borrowers know exactly what they are getting into to make educated decisions about the type of loan that will best suit their needs.

Installment loans are riskier because lenders may accept borrowers with no collateral. This can lead to higher interest rates than at your local bank. These loans are an excellent option for people who need a transparent and affordable loan but don’t have to meet strict lender requirements.


Online installment loans are convenient and easy to get.

Online installment loans are easy to apply for, and you will receive instant approval.

You can then decide on the loan amount you need, set up your repayment schedule, and receive the funds quickly.

Online loans are available with monthly payments. You don’t need to fill out an application in person. Instead, you can complete the entire process from the comfort of your home.

Common Types Of Installment Loans

We’ve covered the main benefits of both short-term and longer-term installment loans. Now let’s look at the most popular types of installment loans. And why they are so helpful.

The truth is that many conventional loans people take out can be classified as installment loans. Any loan with monthly installments falls within the same category.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types.

Personal loans

Because it can be used for various circumstances, a personal loan is one of the most popular installment loans.

A personal loan is a good option if you have an emergency and need to borrow money.

Vacation Loans

The best use case for an installment loan is to take a vacation. You may find yourself in a situation where you have to postpone plans for many years. With vacation loans, however, you can take your break now and repay the loan monthly.

You can use an installment loan instead of your credit card to pay for your vacation. This will ensure that you can repay the amount you agreed upon when you took out the loan. Also, it won’t cause your debt to skyrocket due to revolving debt.

Home Improvement Loans

Sometimes you might need a loan to repair your home. Home improvement loans are a great way to start the project, whether the dream renovation or unforeseen problems that you need to address immediately.

Travel loans offer stable rates that are more reliable than credit cards. You can also control how much and when the loan is paid back.


A lump-sum cash loan is an excellent way for you to get the money you need without tying up your credit cards or going through the trouble of applying for a traditional loan. It’s also easier to qualify for lump sum cash loans than other types of loans, which makes them perfect for people with poor credit histories.

Down Payment on a Large Purchase

You will need to make a down payment if you plan to buy a large property like a house or car.

You can sometimes get installment loans to pay down the down payment on a large purchase. This allows you to save money now rather than waiting months or even years.

What can you expect from a KashPilot?

Many factors affect interest rates and APR. Your loan specialist will review your application and discuss the terms that best suit your needs. Here’s what to expect during the loan approval process:

1. Complete an application.

Click here. Or call or visit one of our branches in your area. To immediately decide on your loan request, we need to see your financial, employment, and personal information.

2. Verify your information.

You may be able to answer some identity questions online if you have completed an application online. Suppose you don’t have an internet connection. In that case, a loan specialist will visit you at the nearest office to verify your income and collateral, as well as discuss your options for loan financing.

3. Sign and receive your funds.

After choosing your term options, you will be able to sign your documents electronically. The funds will then be deposited into your account. You will sign and review your loan documents in person. Then, you will receive a check containing the proceeds of your loan. You’re done!

What is a Credit Installment Loan?

A credit installment loan is a money you borrow from an online lender to spend money, whether to pay for hotel rooms or transportation, buy new clothes, etc. The amount of the loan isn’t as important as what you do with it.

Unlike a credit card, where you have to pay off the balance, you don’t have to with an installment loan. Instead of being charged interest every month for taking out too much money, installment loans charge your credit card or bank account for each payment on the day of your choice (usually on payday).

When you get an online credit installment loan, you can get an advance on your next paycheck or get money for something unexpected like a hospital stay. Many people use credit installment loans to deal with expensive emergencies, like repairing their car or paying medical bills.

A lump-sum cash loan is an excellent way for you to get the money you need without tying up your credit cards or going through the trouble of applying for a traditional loan. It’s also easier to qualify for lump sum cash loans than other types of loans, which makes them perfect for people with poor credit histories.


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Author: Julie Snearl

Editor and writer for over a decade , she has written and edited finance for both national technical and consumer readership, Julia Snearl is the editor for Personal Finance in KashPilot. Her experience in editing business books also includes working as the editor of charts of Ahead of the Curve. More than 3 years' experience in editing content for finance on KashPilot, Julie is interested in learning about how to use digital content to assist people make better financial choices.

Types of Loans We Offer

Installment Loans

Receive your cash and repay it in equal monthly installments. Each payment will include interest, and prepayment is any time without penalty.

Payday Loans

Payday loans online are loans given to people who need money in the short term. Most payday loans are meant for small expenses, such as utility bills or vehicle repairs

Loan Consolidation

KashPilot Offers Loan Consolidation Online for Bad Credit, these are people who can’t manage their loans or can’t repay all the fees and rates (apr) on right time.

Title Loans

KasPilot Offers Title Loans, Your vehicle’s title serves as collateral for a loan you may think of as a secured loan. When you use your car as collateral for a loan


A Payday Loan can be used to cover costs until your next income arrives. Whether you need to pay rent, cover an unexpected medical bill, or purchase groceries, Payday Loans can provide you with the quick cash you require.

You must produce identity, proof of income, a bank statement, and a personal check in order to qualify for a loan. If you do not have a personal check, you can offer a debit card or ACH authorization in several jurisdictions. There is no requirement for personal property to obtain a Cash Advance.

Payday loans are short-term loans owing on the borrower's next payday. Timing is contingent upon your pay schedule.

KashPilot's Payday Loans are accessible to all credit types. When KashPilot evaluates a Payday Loan application, a credit history is among the many elements analyzed.

Yes, Cash Advances are often referred to as Payday Loans. This is a short-term, personal loan that is payable upon receipt of your next paycheck.

State legislation establishes the maximum amount of money you can get through a Payday Loan. In addition, you will qualify for a specific loan amount, within the permissible range, based on your current income.

When evaluating your Cash Advance application, we may use information from third-party data sources to determine your creditworthiness.

Typically, your Payday Loan is payable on your next payday. We provide numerous payment alternatives, including in-person and online payment choices, to make the repayment of your loan easier (varies by state).

KashPilot has assisted thousands of individuals with poor credit by offering a number of financial options, such as Payday Loans, Online Loans, Installment Loans, Title Loans, and Personal Lines of Credit.